Mar. 24.

J&K on Triple J Unearthed

If you haven’t already, we’d love if you dropped by our Triple J Unearthed page and showed some love to help us get a track or 2 on to the J’s.


Mar. 24.

The Home indVasian 2

Thanks to everyone for the love and support throughout the series. Makes all the hard work really worth it.

Aug. 14.

The Home indVasian 2 || Week 3 || J&K x Uppermost – Runnin

Aug. 06.

The Home indVasian 2 || Week 2 || Say My Name (Prod by K)

Jul. 30.

Home indVasian 2 is live…

We’ve waited 2 years to do this again.

WEEK 1 – “Don’t Be Scared”

Produced by K
Big shouts to Hayden Bevis (Director) and Rommel Henricus (Assistant Director) for all their help with the video.

Cop the whole series as it drops HERE